Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Do I Want?

For most of my days I've always thought of things I do want for now and until the time I grow older. Like who doesn't, everybody does. It's a fact. Isn't?

Though I never mention much to anyone else nor I go into the smallest details of what and how I plan to fulfill those desires the way I want them to be, or how they are meant to happen by God's will, humans will always be humans entitled to feel hope and frustration. Yet distinguished by different triumphs and downfalls, we are all bound by that connection we want the best in our lives whether they be things with temporal bearing or of eternal worth.

I want to go on a mission. Get married in the temple. Raise awesome kids. Get a pet. Learn how to bake. Bake delightful cupcakes. Eat exotic foods. Play a grand piano. See a cherry blossom. Visit Salt Lake City. Live a simple and happy life. Serve the Lord and His church. Obey. Endure. :)